Hello world!

I’ve been having a bad acne day and that always gets me down, so I thought I’d tell you about my experiences with the horrible monster that is acne.

I’ve been struggling with acne for more than 8 years now, not always as bad obviously. The worst acne went away when I started contraception pills. Before I started those I had tried every cream, gel, mask, pill & patch I could get my hands on. There were days when I cried before going to school because it looked so bad and looking back, I feel stupid for feeling bad about the acne I have now. Compared to what I went through in high school, this is a breeze! However I do feel like I’m old enough now and acne can well… fuck off right about now to be blunt. So I’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject and found loads of new information.

I’ve decided to try and experiment with some products and techniques that other people have found helpful. I’ve determined my skin type (which is VERY oily) with certainty now. I used to think I was combination because I get dryness quite often, but after reading more about skin types I realised the dryness is dehydration caused mostly by using some wrong products.

I’m buying myself a face brush this christmas and hopefully I’ll be able to start the new year with a clear face! I’ve already bought a face steamer which was surprisingly cheap and works alright!
I’m still figuring out if there’s a face mask that does anything for me but if I find one I’ll use it in combination with the face steamer.

Wish me luck?

Here are some tips I’ve already figured out:

– Wash your face twice a day with an appropriate face wash,
make sure all soap residu is gone.
– Use toner to get rid of any kind of residu after your wash: soap, make-up, random dirt… (?)
– Drink lots of water and eat healthy! This might be a myth but whatever it’s good for you anyway
– If you have an outbreak, sleep on a clean towel every night, cotton and acne aren’t best friends
– Clean your make-up brushes and throw out dirty make-up
– Always moisturise: in the morning and at night, your face needs to stay hydrated
– Don’t touch your face

And most importantly: clearasil does NOT work for everyone and if you don’t like it at first, never ever ever buy it again because they just want to take money from desperate teenagers.

Hope this helps 🙂



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