Cattier: Organic Clay masks


I used to love clay masks but I hadn't purchased any new ones since going cruelty free because I hadn't found any that looked good yet. I came across the brand Cattier through Birchbox and it caught my attention because it's a French certified organic brand and it turns out they don't test on animals either!

I got two different face masks because my skin doesn't always need the same thing, I got one for sensitive skin and one for oily skin. I usually prefer products for sensitive skin since these are much less harsh and safer for acne prone skin, but a clay mask that combats oiliness can come in handy every once in a while. 

The mask for oily skin contains green clay and mint, it's very similar to the Caudalie ones I used before. It smells very fresh but not too overpowering, almost just like fresh mint. I especially love this one after a long day outside or during hot weather when my skin is more oily and my pores feel wider and not as clean as I'd like them to be.

The second mask contains pink clay and aloe vera, this is great if I'm having a breakout but my skin isn't necessarily feeling oily. It feels very soothing and hydrating but it still has those clay qualities that make your pores clean and your skin feel fresher.

You have to shake the tube before applying anything, to mix it properly. Once you apply it though, it feels thicker. It dries quite quickly and doesn't pull your face too much. As you can see once you've shaken the tube, the mask is more solid. Both these masks make my skin feels more hydrated as well as a little clearer. I love using this the day before I have to apply a full face of makeup, my pores are a definitely little tighter and cleaner

Thanks for reading!
Love, Christine

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  1. The first one reminds me a bit of lush' mask of magnaminty.


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