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Hey babes! I've been wearing my hair natural for a few years now and I've really struggled with the texture of my waves. They usually end up being either frizzy or completely flat. I always have a little bit of wave in my hair, but when I use the right products and drying techniques, I also have some curl and smaller waves which I think looks much prettier on me!

Because many of my older hair styling products are not cruelty free at all, I decided it was time to hunt down some that are cruelty free. I came across a brand called Aveda and discovered multiple stores across Antwerp that sell their products. I spoke to the sales person and she recommend these two products to me. The Be Curly Style-Prep and Curl Enhancer. I wanted less frizz and more definition and combining these two products does exactly that.

I start out with a generous amount of the Curl Enhancer and work it though my hair, at this point my hair is still quite wet from the shower and it's easy to detangle a few knots as well. After this step I put my hair up into a towel and do my skincare routine. 

After a 5 to 10 minutes I take off my towel and gently shake out my hair, it's now quite a lot drier because I have thin hair, and my soft curls are noticeable. Then I take a small pump of the Style-Prep and scrunch it through my hair. If I'm going somewhere fancy, I use my diffuser to add more curl. But on a regular day I just let my hair air dry. Sometimes I twist some strands with my hands to get even more curls.

They're not miracle workers at all but these two give my hair that little extra step and control I wanted without making it greasier, heavier or damaged. I use these all the time, nearly every time I take a shower and I love how soft and bouncy it makes my hair! Sometimes it is necessary to go through my hair with my hands to avoid a 'crunchy' feeling, but it's not sticky at all and is easily fixed! 

Have you ever tried anything by Aveda? Tell me in the comments!
Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine 

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  1. Deze lijken me inderdaad heel goed voor jouw haartype! Voor mijn platte haar zouden ze waarschijnlijk niet veel doen, haha.


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