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Hey babes! You've seen my morning routine, now it's time for my evening routine, until recently I used the same cleanser and moisturizer as in the morning but because I'm trying not to buy anything and clear my stash, I've started using some other products! Check out all of the products in my nighttime skincare routine!

I don't use a mask every single day but every 2-3 days I start my nighttime routine with a mask, usually it's this Caudalie Instant Detox Mask which I've reviewed here. It's a great detoxing mask that really clears out all of the grease and dirt from during the day!

If I'm wearing makeup, or when I don't do a mask, I cleanse my face with this Purity face wash by Philosophy which is actually a great makeup remover! It's super gentle and I definitely recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin!

After cleansing I apply this pHformula Acne ACTIVE Formula, which prepares my skin for the peelings I get done at the beauty salon and also has active ingredients that fight the acne I still have, this works really great without drying out your skin too much! Even better than products I got from the dermatologist! 

After applying the acne treatment I use this Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Night Cream, I recently discovered this in my stash, I forgot I purchased this after receiving a sample size in a Deauty box. It's quite expensive for a relatively small bottle but I got this with a discount at my local pharmacy! I love how moisturizing it is without clogging pores, it also makes my skin feel very fresh in the morning.  

If I have any zits or blemishes I use this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Treatment, I was a little hesitant to try this in combination with my acne treatment but it works perfectly fine, this helps dry out spots a little faster.

Moisturizing my eye contours is also a must because they're so dry, this Odacité oil is truly a lifesaver! I've also reviewed this here. I haven't had any extreme dryness since I've started using this!

I can't stand the feeling of not having anything on my lips before I go to bed, so I use a little of this Vaseline Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly which has lasted a long time as you can see by the packaging!

This last product isn't a face product but I definitely want to mention it because it's an essential part of my evening routine! I hate having dry feet and I feel like moisturizing my feet makes me so much happier when I go to bed. It's the Hansaplast Foot Expert Repairing Foot Cream, I first got this in a Deauty Box as well!

That's it for my evening skincare routine! What are some essential products for your nighttime routine? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
XOXO Christine

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  1. I often use a 'beauty sleeping mask' and I wouldn't be able to live without it anymore :D


  2. I always always use a li^p moisturizer, I've been doing it since childhood and I can't sleep without it. I have dry feet too, they often itch when going to bed so maybe I should look into the foot cream!

  3. Wat een fijne producten allemaal! De Nuxellence Detox Night Cream heb ik ook, echt een topper.

  4. Leuk om te weten! Sommige producten kon ik nog niet.

  5. Dat lijkt me nog best een klusje om 's avonds nog helemaal een gezichtsmasker op te doen. Maar het is het denk ik wel waard en je huid is er vast blij mee.

  6. Ik gebruik altijd een reinigings melk en toner van Dr. Baumann. Echt heel fijn. Daarna doe ik een heerlijke crème op. Lekker hydrateren.

  7. Ik gebruik altijd reinigingswater van Garnier en daarna nog een nachtcrème van KIKO. Ik ken al je producten nog niet, maar ziet er wel fijn uit.

  8. Goede routine heb je zeg! Heel veel van deze merken kende ik eigenlijk nog helemaal niet.

  9. Ik gebruik ook 2x in de week een overnight masker. )Na reinigen met Ageless cleanser van Imgae.) Dat vind ik zo lekker en de volgende dag ziet mijn huidje er zo fris en gezond uit. Caudalie en Nuxe zijn erg fijne merken.

  10. Ik zou misschien iets beter voor mijn huid moeten/ kunnen zorgen.. Ik ken deze producten nog niet, sommige lijken mij zeker fijn!

  11. Dat is best een uitgebreide routine. Ik gebruik een stuk minder eigenlijk


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