OPI Peel Off Base Coat


Hey babes! I love wearing glitter nailpolish but I don't do it very often because it's such a hassle to remove! So when I saw this peelable 'glitter off' base coat by OPI I had to try it! It's a base coat you put on first, then let it dry and then apply your glitter polish a usual. 

I was very curious to see if this base coat is easy to peel off and if it stays on without slipping or tearing up. It seemed almost too good to be true. You have to apply a little pressure on one point and then it should peel off in one layer. 

When I first applied this it really reminded me of Elmer's glue which I know a lot of people use when doing nail art, but this dries up clear and is almost invisible when it's completely dry.

Once it's completely dry and not white anymore, I applied 2 coats of this OPI glitter, which is one of my favorite nail polishes. It's a very fine and dense glitter polish which makes it a nightmare to take off with cotton pads and nail polish remover.

After those two coats had dried I tried applying pressure to remove the nail polish and it came right off! I think the thicker you apply the basecoat, the easier it comes off and the thinner you apply it, the more it will hold. You need to find the sweet spot in between.

I was also curious about the longevity of this base coat, I went to the gym, took a very long bath, cleaned around the house and chipped one nail on the side, but my regular nail polish had a lot of chips as well so I would say it's even a little stronger then regular nail polish. It doesn't slip off by accident, it stays on nicely! 

I'm so impressed by this base coat, I thought it would be a gimmick and that it wouldn't work very well, but it's amazing and I'll definitely be using this more often so I can wear my glitter polishes without worrying how I'll get them off! 

Do you like wearing glitter? What's your favorite brand? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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  1. Omg this is a livesaving product!!! I love glitter but don't do it that often for the same reason
    as You.
    I have to get this base!


  2. Dat is wel een handige tip! Ik haat het weghalen van glitters, daarom draag ik het bijna nooit. Ik ga het zeker eens proberen!

  3. I just bought some holo glitter nail polish, even though I know I would only wear it once because it is so hard to take off, but with peelies it should be so much easier, I should have to buy a bottle such as this one!

  4. I have to buy this one :D


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