LA Splash Vanishing Potion


Hey babes! Today I want to talk about the LA Splash Vanishing Potion No. 33 'Dose of Rose'. This is a waterproof makeup remover, but I bought it specifically to remove liquid lipsticks. It also softens and soothes your skin or lips after using it!

I ordered this online because I have a few liquid lipsticks that can be a little difficult to remove with micellar water or regular makeup remover wipes. I don't like using my Bodyshop Chamomile oil on my lips because if any gets in your mouth the taste and texture are horrible.

I use this vanishing potion specifically for removing a liquid lipstick or a waterproof eyeliner because this bottle is very small and it's not designed to be used as an everyday, full face makeup remover. 

I was intrigued by this product because this scent is called Dose of Rose, and it definitely lives up to its description! It's a lovely rose scent that is quite strong but it doesn't irritate my skin at all and if you accidentally taste a little it isn't awful! 

I also love the packaging and design of this! LA Splash always has beautiful designs and I love displaying this product on my vanity!

The way I use this is I either apply a few drops on a cotton pad and massage the makeup I want to remove or I apply some drops directly on my skin or lips and massage with my hands. Afterwards I wash my face and hands with facial cleanser as usual and the liquid lipstick is removed without hurting my lips!

Here I tested out what 1 drop per swatch does when swiping over it with a cotton pad.

As you can see one drop already has a huge effect, it even completely wiped away the NYX soft matte lip cream. The Matte Colourpop and the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks were the most difficult to remove but when I used 3 drops as instructed they also were quite easy to remove.

I did have to clean up my arm with a makeup wipe though but that might've been because I was covered in swatches ;)

For €12,90 this is truly a great product for removing waterproof makeup if you want a little luxury when taking of your makeup! I also really like the fact that this is tiny because I can take it with me when traveling or visiting friends without having to bring a huge bottle of oil! 

Have you ever had trouble with waterproof makeup? What do you use to remove it? 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine 

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  1. I always use a bi-phase remover for my waterproof makeup. This one sounds amazing as well but the bottle would be too small for me.


  2. Ik gebruik nooit waterproof make up met de reden dat ik dat nooit af krijg zonder mezelf te pijnigen haha! De verpakking van deze potion is echt wel fancy he! :)

    Love, Turn it inside out

  3. Deze lijkt me echt wel fijn voor liquid lipstick!

  4. Lijkt me een fijn product, als ik het zo lees!

  5. Jaaaa leuk product he! (Wij hebben hem nu on sale bij Beauty & Bobs hehehe)

  6. Looks like a wonderful product to use on my lips without looking like a clown! :')

  7. Als ik mijn makeup of lipstick niet kan verwijderen met Micellair water of vaseline, komt het niet in mijn huis. Hahaha.


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