Fitness Bucket List


Hey babes! I've recently started working out with a personal trainer because I wanted to increase my strength and wasn't sure how to get started on my own. I was reading a lot of articles about fitness goals and fitness bucket lists and I decided to give myself 5 short term goals to stay motivated.

I’ve come a long way from just being the out of shape, overweight girl in high school but even though I am much healthier and fitter, I’m not strong at all and that needs to change!

Here is my fitness bucket list:

* Do a perfectly controlled pull up with great form
* Go surfing in August (or at least try not to fail miserably at it!)
* Do a regular plank for 2 minutes
* Do a handstand (against the wall)
* Do 5 perfect pushups

I hope to achieve all of these goals in the next year and some of these in 2017 already! I won’t beat myself up about it if I don’t achieve them but this way I have something to look forward to and to keep in mind when working out, so I always stay motivated to do better and achieve more!

Do you work out, if so; what are some of your fitness goals?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. Everyday I do my 7 minutes fitness challenge with my iPhone app.
    I also go to work with my bike so I do get some excercise.
    I am curious how it will go with your trainer!


  2. Leuke doelen! Zelf heb ik niet echt een bepaald ding wat ik wil kunnen, ik wil gewoon sterker worden in mijn hele lichaam.

  3. I'm going to walk hike 100km with a huge backpack with my sister and our youth group next week, I've done it twice, but I'm so unfit since I've been living in Ghent, so let's hope I'll survive!


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