Empties August & September


Hi babes! Another 2 months have gone by and I've used up quite a few products again!

* L’Oreal Skin Perfection Serum 
This is actually an amazing serum for being drugstore and it moisturizes as well, I won't repurchase because I feel like it doesn't add enough extra to my skincare routine

* Fa Glamorous Moments Deodorant
I featured this is my Fall Favorites last year and it's still one of my favorite Fa scents of all time

* Naobay Eye Cream
This is a really great eye cream that lasted a long while for being so small but I have enough other eye creams so I won't be repurchasing any time soon

* Carrefour Bio Cotton Pads
These are great and I'll definitely be repurchasing again, they don't fray and they're not too thick or thin

* ELF Clear Eyebrow Gel
I really loved this but it got very gross, very fast, so I won't be repurchasing

* RICH CC Shampoo
This shampoo made my hair very shiny and curly but I had a feeling my hair was also greasier a little faster 

* Diadermine Makeup Wipes
These are quite moisturizing so I like them to remove swatches but it leaves too much product to use on my face

* Polar IceSource Moisturizer
This is a moisturizer I use before I redo my makeup if I go out at night, I've already repurchased because it's very light, yet really moisturizing and it contains glycerin which helps your makeup last 

* Karin Herzog Vitamin H Night Cream 
This cream really does wonders for my skin but the price, yellow colour and strong scent are dealbreakers for me, it's also a little too thick to use during the summer

* Absolution Facewash - This is a really light & herbal facewash, my skin reacted to it great but I don't really like the scent 

*LUSH Vanishing Cream (sample)
This is a great cream for people with dry skin that is still acne prone due to hormones, it's a little too heavy for me but it's very nourishing and doesn't clog my pores

* LUSH Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Not a scent I would normally buy but it surprised me a lot and I really liked it, the center is blue so it made my bath green!

* LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar
One of my all time favorite LUSH products, always gives me a super bubbly bath and smell amazing!

* Clinique Clarifying Lotion nr 4
Used this for months last year but my skin has become much dryer so I didn't use it as often because it's very harsh on my skin, I won't be repurchasing but I did like it a lot last year

* La Rosée Face wash & Scrub - As a face wash this is ok but the scrubbing beads barely do anything so I don't see why they should be in there, won't repurchase because I have other, better face washes and scrubs

Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Christine  

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  1. Nee komaan, ik ben ondertussen al een half jaar aan het empty-en en ik heb 6 producten ofzo hahaha :( :(

    1. Ik had echt énorm veel halflege dingen die dringend op moesten haha :D


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