Empties May & Spring Clean Update


Hey babes! Last month I made a post telling you about my spring clean and no buy month, I showed you my empties and I was planning on updating my empties every two months but I've already collected a lot of new empties in May and loads of products are nearly empty so I decided to do a check in already!

My no buy has become a low buy because let's face it I'm weak! But I haven't gone crazy at any sales, I haven't bought any products I don't need or won't use and I've made some great choices. I'm actually super happy with this 'low buy' and I'm definitely going to be more mindful about what I buy! I'm planning on doing another Colourpop haul soon but besides that you'll probably only see 'old' or very small hauls these next few months!

Here's what I emptied in May:

* DEMAKE UP Cotton Pads (I buy these often, they're great and you can usually find great deals)
* OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo x 2 (so I obviously liked this shampoo because I finished two bottles, one at home and one at my college apartment but I'm using a Furterer shampoo right now)
* Garnier Narta Ultra Fresh Deodorant (liked this but still have a lot of other deodorant laying around)
* Beaver Hydro Shampoo Sample
* Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Toner Sample (I LOVED this, but I have so many toners opened already :( )
* HIP Cocon Shampoo Sample
* LUSH Intergalactic Bathbomb (super cool bathbomb with an amazing smell!)
* Body Shop Vitamin E Body Lotion Sample (Might purchase this for summer if I run out of my lightweight body lotion because I really liked this!)
* First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream (I loved this and it lasted me forever but I'm trying a Neutrogena moisturizer now)
* Sephora Pearl Sheet Mask
* Listerine Total Care Sensitive (loved this, I have another taste now which is too strong actually so I will buy this one in the future)
* Marks & Spencer Nose Pore Strip (have been trying to make nosestrips work for me but no luck so far, will probably not repurchase any but I still have some laying around)
* Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo (I've repurchased this a few times already, I already have a new one)

I've also been throwing out and giving away a lot of beauty products lately, I'm moving soon so I want to clean up as much as I can now! Would you like to see some organisation posts when I move into my new appartment? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I've bought the intergalactic bathbomb once before, but ended up giving it as a present to someone. And since I now don't have a bath at my college apartment and don't know whether or not I'll have one when I move apartments, I hope you have a bath in your new apartment so I can try all the lush bathbombs I want. :3

  2. Weer zoveel empties, well done haha!


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