Deauty Box April Review


April's box was amazing! Mostly full size products and I liked all of them, read my reviews here:

  • Rituals - T'ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel - Full Size 
I had never tried any Rituals products before so I was excited to try this, I'm not really a shower gel lover but this has a shaving foam texture and I actually quite like this, I even use this to shave my legs. It smells amazing! 

    This box had a lot of nail products which I love so I was very excited to see this!

    • Mavala - Base Coat 
    This basecoat is kind of sticky so it holds on to the next layer of nail polish very well, it isn't a clear polish that can be used as a top coat as well so it isn't versatile in that way but it works amazingly. It makes nailpolishes last way longer and it applies very easily.

      • Maybelline - Color Show - Full Size 
      I'm not a big fan of these colours to be honest, I can use the white one as a base coat for glitter polishes but I don't like the green colour. These are pretty good considering their price, I had to use more layers than for example Essie or OPI need but they work just fine. The white one is great for nail art!

      Here I used the white one in combination with Essie Perennial Chic and a (very disappointing) Barry M glitter polish.

      • Elfi en Eva Mouton - Nail Decals 
      These are so cute! I've never tried nail decals so I can't compare these to another brand but I cannot figure out how to use these properly, I have messed up my nailpolish with these already and I just got super frustrated, they're soooo cute but somebody is going to have to show me how to do this so it looks good! 

      • Carmex - Lip Balm - Full size
      This makes my lips tingle but I quite like the feeling, it smells and tastes amazing and is very moisturizing. 

      • Vita verde - Cleansing Rosewater Cottonpads - Full size
      I haven't tried anything like this before but I guess it's comparable to using a micellar water or a moisturizing makeup wipe. I really like this product even though I don't like the smell. It's great for my skin and doesn't cause breakouts. I love the freshness of these and they don't dry out my skin.

      • Daisy Delight - Cîme Day & Night Cream
      This was a tiny sample so I only used it twice, once in the evening and then the next morning. I really like the fact that it's a day and night cream for all skin types. I have oily but sensitive skin and this cream worked perfectly for me. It's very rich so I might not use this in the summer or if you sweat a lot, it's perfect to use as a night cream because it feels super nourishing but still lets your skin breathe. It smells really nice, I wish the sample was a little bit bigger so I could test this out some more! 

      Thanks for reading!
      xoxo Christine 

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