Birchbox March: First impression & review


Such a cute box this month! You can color it in! I'm way behind with posting these beauty boxes so expect a lot of these posts in the next couple of weeks! Here is my first impression and reviews of some of the products of the March Birchbox: 

Merci Handy Hand gel: Always fun to get hand gels because I like keeping one in my purse but it's not necessarily a very exciting product to receive. However, this is a nice product and the packaging is lovely! I would buy this if I ever come across it again when shopping.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for brown hair: I loved this sample because I wanted to test it out so badly. I love Batiste and use their dry shampoos all the time. I love having this little one to take with me to school to touch up my hair when it's looking a little greasy because I don't have to rub it out of my hair, the color matches my hair color. 

I do still prefer the regular one at home because I prefer combing or rubbing the powder out with a towel before going out. I don't really enjoy the feeling of dry shampoo in my hair and when you run through your hair it does leave brown under your nails which isn't great.. If I can buy another travel size version of this somewhere I will but I won't be repurchasing a big one probably! 

Paul & Joe: I haven't tested this out on my face yet because the color seems a little dark for me, I swatched it on my hand and my cheek really quickly and it doesn't seem to match. I'll try this when I have nowhere to be and if it doesn't match at all, I'll ask a friend to try it because it does seem like a great product with great qualities such as UV protection and others. The packaging is super cute and it doesn't smell strange so that's a plus as well. 

So Susan Lip dome: I absolutely hate this color on me but I like the feeling and how easy it is to use! When I use a colored gloss with it I kinda like it but I'll probably give this to a friend. It's a shame I don't like the color because it's a great product. I don't recommend it if you have very dry or chapped lips tho because it's quite dry in comparison to most lipsticks. 

Huygens Mask: I haven't tried this mask yet because I have so many open masks but I will definitely do one big mask review post in the future featuring masks from my birchboxes!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Christine

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