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Hello world!

A while ago I went to a museum in Antwerp with my typography class and the tour only lasted for about 2 hours so I had the entire afternoon to go shopping and spend some time with friends and that's what I did! I brought my best friend her birthday present, a Lady One Million giftbox and she loved it yay! Afterward I went out to lunch with a classmate and a friend that studies in Antwerp. After that I had hours of time to shop till I dropped (which I did after about 4 hours of shopping, what in this cold weather?!) I gave myself a budget because I've been going a little crazy with the shopping lately - it's these christmas deals, I literally can't resist :o -
These are some of the things I got...

At H&M I discovered the make-up rack, I had no idea they sold awesome beauty products like these, I expected it to be way more basic. I got a pink (fake obviously) beauty blender. A silver shimmery eye color pencil (could also be used as a highlighter I think) and some brow fix gel. I might do a review on these some day but I have some other great items I want to review first.

I went into River Island expecting to find some cute clothes but honestly couldn't find anything that I liked but I can always find nice jewellery in this store -and cheap!- I got these cute pink heart earrings, some basic pink gem earrings and new ear-cuffs because I broke my last one - which was a really cute one :(-
 They had some awesome stuff at New Look but I was so tired at the end of the day that I didn't have any energy left to try on clothes so I just browsed the accessoires. I found some new chokers very cute! Some awesome socks, to add to my ridiculous sock collection. And a VERY cheap eye makeup pallet, I got the eye shadow for about 1,5 euros which is crazy?!

 At New Yorker I finally found some cute and warm leggings that fit me, these are a size L which is awesome because I couldn't even fit in an XL legging a few years ago.
These are super cute and really comfy and definitely not cheaply made.

I also got these top which is just a flowy bordeaux basic top, it fits really nicely and it's super soft!

 At Ms Mode I got these jeggings which are a size M but considering its a plus size store these would probably be a size L or XL in a regular store. They are super comfortable and form fitting which is great because I think plus sized girls should be able to buy cute clothes without looking ridiculous!

It was a very exhausting but amazing day in Antwerp and it really makes me miss being at home. I'm even looking forward to moving to Antwerp in a few years but for now I'm happy with Ghent :)

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