Hello world (again? This time for real!)



I don’t really know what this blog will become. I've written 1 post in this last year (well done Christine)
All I know is that there were many blogposts I wrote in my head at night and never actually posted anywhere. I figured I might as well start posting everything I tell myself. Even if it might sound stupid or lame :D 

I guess I should just start?


These last few years I’ve been really into make-up and beauty, which doesn’t seem like a very strange thing but if you would have known me when I was 12 you’d be surprised to see me now. Quite chubby - dare I say ‘fat’? - Very bad acne. Greasy hair. A MESS. I just couldn’t bring myself to be like all the other perfect girls, I wasn’t going to torture myself to become pretty. Years later I am becoming one of those girls that wax, pluck and paint every inch of their body, and I don’t mind.

The thing is; I’ve always been jealous of those beautiful girls with their amazing, successful blogs. I couldn’t figure out how they found the energy to be so perfect all the time. And then one day I realised these girls didn’t become beauty gurus overnight, they started somewhere. This is my somewhere. I am taking this beauty thing one step at a time. Just like 12 year old me did when she bought her first mascara, her first moisturiser and her first lipgloss. I am stepping up my ‘beauty game’! 

I'll be posting about my adventures in the beauty world soon and hopefully regularly (exciting stuff right).



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